Corporate Communications

Whether you need help improving employee communications or engaging with external stakeholders, Rideout Public Affairs has the necessary experience working inside large and small organizations to support you. We can help you understand your audience and build the messages that will interest them the most. 


We work with external media sources to generate news stories, editorials, and letters-to-the-editors to support your policy positions and we coach clients on handling interviews, news conferences and other media opportunities to ensure you get your message across.


Community Engagement and Reputation Management


Through years of experience managing public affairs for a major manufacturer, Rideout Public Affairs can help you identify the components of an effective community engagement plant.  We will work with you to understand the stakeholders who influence decisions and develop strategies to connect with them.  Our philosophy is to use transparent messaging to build trust, drive two-way communications, and increase the options for a win-win outcome. 


Crisis Communications


Rideout Public Affairs can help you manage through a crisis whether you see one on the horizon or are in the midst of the issue. We can help you prioritize the issues of concern, identify strategies to increase understanding, and build the messages you need to communicate.


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After more than 20 years of gaining public and private sector experience, I am focused on supporting my clients with all their public affairs needs.

- Sally Rideout

Rideout Public Affairs was established in 2013 to serve clients in all aspects of government and public affairs needs.  Offering support for local, state and federal government relations; corporate communications; incentive negotiations; and Political Action Committee management, Rideout Public Affairs helps clients build a toolbox capable of supporting any public policy goals.

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