Political Action Committees

Are you interested in starting a Political Action Committee (PAC) or re-energizing an existing one to support your business or organization?  Rideout Public Affairs can help you understand the laws and strategies to ensure you are compliant and effective.  We have experience building messages and plans for communicating with employees and contributors to build your PAC into an effective tool in your public policy tool box.


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After more than 20 years of gaining public and private sector experience, I am focused on supporting my clients with all their public affairs needs.

- Sally Rideout

Rideout Public Affairs was established in 2013 to serve clients in all aspects of government and public affairs needs.  Offering support for local, state and federal government relations; corporate communications; incentive negotiations; and Political Action Committee management, Rideout Public Affairs helps clients build a toolbox capable of supporting any public policy goals.

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